Monday, September 29, 2008

Boy oh Boy

The other day the girls were dancing together in the kitchen, round and round, holding hands.

Tate was in there also dancing on the sidelines.

I heard Reese say sincerely, "Come on...let's let Tate in. Even though you're a're part of this family."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Druebie turns 4!


Our sweet Druebie May is 4 years old! We've learned quite a bit about her little personality this past year. Drue is, how shall I put this delicately...sensitive. On many levels. And she is very particular about things. Everything. From having the toes of her socks cut out because the seam bothers her, to having just the right proportion of butter to syrup on her pancake, to welling up with tears when her behavior is corrected.

But even though her sensitivity can be challenging at times, it also causes so much joy for me. She still runs to cuddle as soon as I sit down. She loves us to come "scoop" her out of her bed and bring her to ours after Reese falls asleep and she is laying in her bed wide eyed. And she'll tickle my face just like I do hers as she snuggles close to me. I never have to reach for her hand because the first thing she does when we start walking somewhere is slip her little hand in mine. She likes to walk right beside us.

She is very generous with her kisses and will come out of nowhere to give me one. We can just be sitting on the couch watching TV and she'll pop up and kiss me on the nose. She also likes to make up "pledges" for us. One of ours is making the I love you sign in sign language, then touching our hands together while we make a kissing sound. One is kissing our pointer finger, then touching them together with each other.

Just today she was combing my hair and spraying it with the water bottle. Then she would fluff my hair the way I fluff hers to make her curls sit just right. I kept commenting that I hoped her technique would give me curls like hers. She said, "Mom you're pretty the way God made you."


She picked a "Cinderella" party this year. And was so sweet opening all her presents. She gets so excited about each one and still says things like, "That's what I was dreaming of."


She is excited to be four because she decided a while back that four year olds no longer need naps. (I never told her that Reese stopped taking naps when she was 2...and I don't plan on ever telling Tate that his sisters no longer nap.)


Happy Birthday Drue! You are such a joy!
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh Brother!

It can be tough having a little brother. Especially a two year old little brother. The girls will get seriously involved in a project...dressing up, playing make up, etc when in walks Tate and everything falls to pieces.

Tonight Reese was building some sort of contraption with our large foam alphabet squares. Unfortunately her back was turned just long enough for Tate to come along and undo her creation.

"TATE!" she hollered. "WHY DO YOU DO THINGS LIKE THAT?!?".

I was only half involved in their little spat and as they started beating each other with the squares I absently answered, "Because he's two....".

She wrung her hands in exasperation and spat out, "Why can't you be three?!".

Monday, September 15, 2008

David bought some funky kind of applesauce.

It's some sort of all natural no added anything weird consistency.

The kids saw it in the fridge drawer today and went right for it.

Reese took a few bites then said, "Tate, do you want my applesauce?" (yes, he's become the "mikey" of our group and will usually eat anything given to him).

I looked at his full carton of applesauce and answered for him, "No sweetie, he has some of his own already".

"Well, I don't like this applesauce," Reese confessed.

Then she pressed an imaginary button in the air and said, "I guess I'll just delete it..."

Hmmmm....I wonder if that will work on the bills....

Friday, September 05, 2008

Thirsty Boy

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