Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Family Photo


For now, I am just going to choose to enjoy our smiling family...and not think about how much fun we are going to make of this picture in 15 years.....
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Special Dad by: Drue

(The following is a little story Drue did in her Sunday School class last Sunday. The italicized words are the ones she filled in.)

My father is the most wonderful dad in the whole world! He is as strong as a horse. He is 30 years old. He weighs 30 pounds and he is 30 feet tall. His favorite food is hamburgers. His favorite movie is Star Wars. In the good old days when my Dad was little, he used to watch cartoons. Now that he is a grown-up, he likes to play with us. I think my Dad looks funny when he's big. And I know he is angry when I do something bad. I wish Dad would be funny forever with me every day. I wouldn't trade my father for a pig, because I love him!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pass the milk please

A morning person I am not. And I'm trying my darndest to convince the kids that early mornings are of the devil and they should stay in bed a little longer. So far, Reese is the only one who pays attention. In fact, she is snoozing peacefully as I type this.

Tate is the earliest riser of the group. Not good...since he is the one that drains most of my energy throughout the day. I recently hung a navy blue sheet to cover his window to trick him into sleeping longer. He normally opens his door when he gets up and comes to drag me out of bed, but lately he has been staying in bed calling out for...Daddy.

So I sneak in there and snuggle with him which works for a little bit...usually just enough to let me get my bearings before we begin the day. Sometimes if the girls are awake first, I will let him go downstairs with them while I stay in his bed for a bit.

This morning he woke up, I went and snuggled, then heard Drue get up. When she didn't find me downstairs she came to Tate's room. He immediately hopped up and she took his spot by me. Off he went downstairs. Alone.

So of course, I couldn't go back to sleep. I had to keep my ears open for the flap of the dog door signaling he was in the backyard or the clank of the dogs' water dish meaning I had to drag the mop out.

All I could hear, however, was the familiar crinkle of the Ritz cracker bag. Bless his heart, he got his own little breakfast. After quite a few crinkles, I decided he'd probably had enough crackers and was a wee thirsty. So I drug myself out of his bed, and walked bleary eyed downstairs.

There was my little self sufficient man, sitting in the leather recliner with not the bag of Ritz crackers...but the bag of double stuffed O-R-E-O-S!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hairdresser trying to make conversation with Drue while clipping away her locks: "When will you turn four?".

Drue: "When my birthday comes..."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Fishing Extravaganza: Take 2


Things went so well last year for our afternoon of fishing, David decided to make it an annual event. Not so sure he feels that way after todays' trip. After trying four different fishing spots and breaking countless numbers of lines, we ended up with one tiny catch...not including the time Drue got tangled in the line David was working on and hooked him.

Bonus: The I Heart Dad shirts I got the girls' last year still fit them! (No telling where their cute little fishing hats went though.)


Tate was in on the action this year instead of having to be content watching from afar strapped in his wagon. When he can't express his emotions in words he just excitedly says, "Uh Oh" and points to whatever it is he finds thrilling. So as we pulled up to the lake he looked out the van window and started pointing at the water hollering "UH-OH! UH-OH!". When we stopped he instantly grabbed his carseat straps and screeched, "UNBUCKLE!" as he kicked his little legs. He thought the exciting part of fishing was reeling in the bobber. He would walk back and forth between David and I, see our bobbers out in the middle of the pond and be as excited as if there really were a fish on the other end. He would motion for us to reel those bobbers in!
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Drue befriended the worms. She called them her little ones and said she was their mommy. She was sad to find out we couldn't keep them. Looking for an inexpensive birthday gift this year for Drue? I'd say a pet worm is the way to go... (On a side note: Tate screamed like a little girl when she would dangle one in front of his face or when he saw one wriggling on the ground)

The first catch of the day...way to go Reese!

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It only took Tate, oh, about 3.7 minutes to get bored with this fishing deal at the first spot so off he headed to explore...


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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anniversary Trip

David and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last week! That sounds weird to say...and write. A few months ago he surprised me by giving me the choice of going to NYC (which I've always wanted to visit) or to Florida. Hmmmmm....

NYC: hustle, bustle, shopping, sight seeing, etc...

Flordia: aaaahhhhhhh relax on the beach without a care in the world...

We decided Florida. We spent four days and three nights in St. Petersburg. This was the view as we stepped out of our hotel.

Oh, did I mention we didn't bring the kids? So I wasn't exactly "without a care in the world". My mind was filled with endless possible/impossible scenarios. What if Tate slips out the dog door, scales the fence, and hails a cab to San Fransisco? What if Drue's tiny cut on her toe becomes a nesting ground for some rare flesh eating worm lurking in our backyard? Who is going to walk Reese down the aisle at her wedding after our plane plunges into the Gulf?

You are probably thinking, "Poor David" right about now. Hey, he's put up with me for 10+ years, even with all my craziness.


We ate at a revolving restaurant on top of our hotel on our actual anniversary night.

Our trip was complete with sunset walks along the beaches.

David sounded mildly surprised on occasion and would say things like, "Hey, I really do like you." or "Hey, you really are fun to hang out with." Gee thanks dear.

We spent most days just hanging out in the water. I bought a raft and floated around while David dove for shells. Every now and then he'd come drag me back his way if I drifted too far. When he wasn't looking for shells, he just liked to stand in the water up to his shoulders and let the waves gently lift him off the sand. I, on the other hand, loved to paddle my raft closer to shore and ride the waves in. I had a blast. David kept laughing at that and has decided to sign me up for surf lessons someday.

At any given time of any given day at home, I feel I could collapse in the nearest chair, couch, bed, etc and take a nap. Not once did I feel that way on the trip. I was seriously relieved to discover I don't have chronic fatigue syndrome after all...I just have k-i-d-s.

It was a great trip. Of course, everything reminded us of the kids and we can't wait to take them there. I didn't get to build one sand castle and no one even attempted to bury me in the sand. :(

Here's to a wonderful 10 years with a wonderful man...and I can't wait to see where you take me on our 20th!
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