Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anniversary Trip

David and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary last week! That sounds weird to say...and write. A few months ago he surprised me by giving me the choice of going to NYC (which I've always wanted to visit) or to Florida. Hmmmmm....

NYC: hustle, bustle, shopping, sight seeing, etc...

Flordia: aaaahhhhhhh relax on the beach without a care in the world...

We decided Florida. We spent four days and three nights in St. Petersburg. This was the view as we stepped out of our hotel.

Oh, did I mention we didn't bring the kids? So I wasn't exactly "without a care in the world". My mind was filled with endless possible/impossible scenarios. What if Tate slips out the dog door, scales the fence, and hails a cab to San Fransisco? What if Drue's tiny cut on her toe becomes a nesting ground for some rare flesh eating worm lurking in our backyard? Who is going to walk Reese down the aisle at her wedding after our plane plunges into the Gulf?

You are probably thinking, "Poor David" right about now. Hey, he's put up with me for 10+ years, even with all my craziness.


We ate at a revolving restaurant on top of our hotel on our actual anniversary night.

Our trip was complete with sunset walks along the beaches.

David sounded mildly surprised on occasion and would say things like, "Hey, I really do like you." or "Hey, you really are fun to hang out with." Gee thanks dear.

We spent most days just hanging out in the water. I bought a raft and floated around while David dove for shells. Every now and then he'd come drag me back his way if I drifted too far. When he wasn't looking for shells, he just liked to stand in the water up to his shoulders and let the waves gently lift him off the sand. I, on the other hand, loved to paddle my raft closer to shore and ride the waves in. I had a blast. David kept laughing at that and has decided to sign me up for surf lessons someday.

At any given time of any given day at home, I feel I could collapse in the nearest chair, couch, bed, etc and take a nap. Not once did I feel that way on the trip. I was seriously relieved to discover I don't have chronic fatigue syndrome after all...I just have k-i-d-s.

It was a great trip. Of course, everything reminded us of the kids and we can't wait to take them there. I didn't get to build one sand castle and no one even attempted to bury me in the sand. :(

Here's to a wonderful 10 years with a wonderful man...and I can't wait to see where you take me on our 20th!
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