Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Fishing Extravaganza: Take 2


Things went so well last year for our afternoon of fishing, David decided to make it an annual event. Not so sure he feels that way after todays' trip. After trying four different fishing spots and breaking countless numbers of lines, we ended up with one tiny catch...not including the time Drue got tangled in the line David was working on and hooked him.

Bonus: The I Heart Dad shirts I got the girls' last year still fit them! (No telling where their cute little fishing hats went though.)


Tate was in on the action this year instead of having to be content watching from afar strapped in his wagon. When he can't express his emotions in words he just excitedly says, "Uh Oh" and points to whatever it is he finds thrilling. So as we pulled up to the lake he looked out the van window and started pointing at the water hollering "UH-OH! UH-OH!". When we stopped he instantly grabbed his carseat straps and screeched, "UNBUCKLE!" as he kicked his little legs. He thought the exciting part of fishing was reeling in the bobber. He would walk back and forth between David and I, see our bobbers out in the middle of the pond and be as excited as if there really were a fish on the other end. He would motion for us to reel those bobbers in!
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