Thursday, August 27, 2009


As I was flipping stations during my commute home from work I heard, "Call NOW to win!".

So I called.

And I won.

It happened to be a radio station that I unsuccessfully tried to win something on the day before, so the number was still in my phone memory.

I am by no means a spur of the moment kind of girl but thought, "What the heck?".

When the phone started ringing on the other end, I started to get a little nervous.

It occurred to me at this point that I had no idea what I was trying to win.

And after about the 5th ring, when the DJ answered and said, "Star 102 you're our 12th caller!" I began to panic slightly. But I didn't want to give away my secret yet, so I mustered up some fake enthusiasm and said, "YAY!".

I was about to sound like a complete idiot on the airwaves being broadcast throughout the entire KC metro area.

He took down all my information: name, number, address, etc. There was no backing out now.

All the while I was praying he didn't ask me any incriminating questions such as, "What are you going to do with your prize?" or "Who are you going to take with you?" or "Have you thought about what kind of tattoo you are going to get with your certificate?".

I had my answer all planned out. (Well, not to the tattoo question, but I was pretty sure that wasn't the prize they were giving out). I was just going to tell the truth.

Now there's a novel approach.

Except I would tweak it just a tad. Instead of admitting that I was surfing channels, thus exposing that I wasn't an exclusive and loyal listener to their station, I was going to say that I had just hopped in the car and turned on the radio when I heard them say, "Call now to win" and knowing this radio station always gives away cool prizes I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Surely some folks would get a chuckle out of that. Except the ones who desperately wanted the prize and had been waiting all day for the giveaway. They would probably hate me.

At the end of our conversation, he said, "You'll have to pick these up before 5:30 tomorrow night." I was still in the dark as to what, exactly, I was picking up.

Thankfully, before we hung up, he informed me that I had just won 4 tickets to the Chiefs/Seattle Seahawks game this weekend.

And, of course, after all that, we have a wedding to go to and won't even be able to use the tickets!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Truth Comes Out

Ahhhhhh....sibling rivalry.

I know, I know, it's only just begun. We have 12 more years left with all 3 kids living under one roof. There are bound to be some scuffles (is that the word I wanted?) along the way.

And I've probably mentioned before how their rowdiest time of the day coincides nicely with the time of day my energy level and patience are at their lowest.

Tonight after I got home from work they were being their usual pick nickity (I know that's not a word but am not caring at the moment) selves.

Loud cry. "Tate took the motorcycle I was playing with!!!".

"You mean the one you were playing with last Monday?? Because I haven't seen you playing with it at all the entire time I've been home!".

Reese taught us a new game she learned in Music class and both she and Drue ended up in tears because they both wanted to be my partner.

Quite frankly, I am running out of clever lines to encourage them to treat each other nicer.

When your friends desert you...your sister will always be there.

Think how sad you'd be if you didn't have (insert offending siblings names here) around.

Some children don't have any brothers or sisters around to fight with. (Ok, this one doesn't even make sense to me, but I still throw it out there from time to time).

Anyway, this evening I'd had enough. I plopped down on the couch and tried to savor at least a few moments of sweet togetherness. Drue sat on one side of me and Tate on the other.

Reese flung herself down over my lap on her stomach.

I patted her little back lovingly.

"OUCH!", she hollered out alarmingly.

Then as she peeked behind her said, "Oh, nevermind. I thought Drue hit my back."

I was starting to piece things together here when she continued, "I always yell 'ouch' when Drue hits my back."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Much for that Plan

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Just writing the words makes my mouth salivate.

I treated myself to a bag last night while at the grocery store. I instantly made up my mind that it wasn't to be a "community bag" if you know what I mean. It would just be for lil' ol' me.

To the top of the fridge they went. I forgot about them until this morning when I spied the distinct orange bag peering down at me. I popped in 2 or 3 before 9am.

I popped in a few more while the kids were upstairs playing late this afternoon. Tate wandered in to the kitchen and he must have smelled them on my breath because his eyes immediately went to the top of the fridge and he said, "What's up dere?".

I figured I could sacrifice one tiny piece of candy. (They were the miniatures by the way, not the big cups...don't know if I could part with the big ones).

Off he went with his chocolate treasure in his mouth.

3 seconds later, in ran Drue. "Where did Tate get....?". She stopped mid question as she saw me go over to the fridge and grab the bag.

2 pieces gone. No problem.

And, finally, Reese made her appearance.

"Can I have a piece of candy like Drue?".

"No hablas English", I cleverly avoided her plea.

Ignoring my craziness she once again asked for a piece of candy.

"No hablas English. Only speaka Espanol", I responded.

Not to be outsmarted she replied, "Por favor".

1st Grade


First day of first's these doggone "firsts" that get me everytime.


David went in late to work this morning so he could walk her to school with us. (And so he could make corny jokes to keep my mind off the fact that our little girl is growing up).
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I actually did really well.

I didn't tear up when she came to show me how she looked in her new outfit.

I didn't tear up when I helped her shrug into her backpack.

I didn't tear up when I had to take her backpack off and adjust the straps as small as they could go.

In fact, we were almost to the school when I realized there was nary a lump in my throat and the bridge of my nose wasn't beginning to burn which would be a telltale sign that tears were on their way.

I walked her to her little desk, snapped one last picture, kissed her and told her I loved her, then headed out the classroom door. Almost home free.

But who should be waiting at the classroom door? The mother of a little girl who was in Reese's Kindergarten class last year.

We smiled and greeted each other. And that was when Operation: Drop Off with Dry Eyes began it's downward spiral.

She said sweetly, "Well, this is going much better than last year...isn't it?". Her uncertain tone gave away the fact that she was trying to convince herself, as well as me. And that's when I noticed the red rims of her eyes.

And that's when my tears began to fall.

We scooted quickly out of the school. Passing a few other parents we knew along the way. Whom I wasn't even able to greet properly and whom all said, "Awwwwwww..." which never helps a crying person pull themselves fact, it has the opposite effect.

The good thing is that today was only a half day. So I was able to go get her at 11:30.

Tomorrow is her first full day. And I know the afternoon is going to feel strangely quiet without her.

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