Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Much for that Plan

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Just writing the words makes my mouth salivate.

I treated myself to a bag last night while at the grocery store. I instantly made up my mind that it wasn't to be a "community bag" if you know what I mean. It would just be for lil' ol' me.

To the top of the fridge they went. I forgot about them until this morning when I spied the distinct orange bag peering down at me. I popped in 2 or 3 before 9am.

I popped in a few more while the kids were upstairs playing late this afternoon. Tate wandered in to the kitchen and he must have smelled them on my breath because his eyes immediately went to the top of the fridge and he said, "What's up dere?".

I figured I could sacrifice one tiny piece of candy. (They were the miniatures by the way, not the big cups...don't know if I could part with the big ones).

Off he went with his chocolate treasure in his mouth.

3 seconds later, in ran Drue. "Where did Tate get....?". She stopped mid question as she saw me go over to the fridge and grab the bag.

2 pieces gone. No problem.

And, finally, Reese made her appearance.

"Can I have a piece of candy like Drue?".

"No hablas English", I cleverly avoided her plea.

Ignoring my craziness she once again asked for a piece of candy.

"No hablas English. Only speaka Espanol", I responded.

Not to be outsmarted she replied, "Por favor".

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