Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feeling Convicted

Last year I threw an American Idol Finale Party and had some of my friends from work over to watch it. So I guess this year is technically my 2nd Annual American Idol Finale Party.

I have been gearing the girls up for it, getting them excited, and have also been giving David a hard time for not being in town and making me get ready for the shindig all by myself!

Tonight we were going over the plans for our day tomorrow...it's Reese's very last day of preschool and I know I am going to cry when I pick her up. So I prepared her that Mommy might be sad, but that we still had our party to look forward to.

After a brief second Reese asked, "Who's going to take us to church tomorrow since Daddy's gone?".

"Well..no one. We aren't going to church tomorrow night. We have our party remember?" I explained.

Without missing a missing a beat she replied, "Why do we have to miss the Word of Jesus for American Idol?".


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