Monday, July 05, 2010

Playing Makeup

Drue has arrived.

To the stage where she is "all about the make-up". Playing make-up, that is.

She loves getting out my make-up basket and trying out everything. When she is allowed to pick out something to buy at the store, she always gravitates toward the lip glosses. She even passed up the baby doll section of the $1 store the other day and went straight to the eye shadows.

No, she is not allowed to wear the make-up out of the house. Let's just clear that subject up right now. Only clear lip gloss with sparkles.

I told Drue that if she got a hit at her softball game tonight we could play make-up. She got a hit. One hit. And it was a foul ball. But she was so excited after the game and reminded me, "Mommy, I got a hit. Does that count for playing make-up?". I hadn't really specified that it had to be a fair ball.

Reese wanted to join in with us this time. They put on lip gloss and eye shadow mainly. We bypassed the masacara this time. It's too hard to get off their lashes, especially Reese's white lashes. After we finished I sent them downstairs for David to ooh and ahh over.

Both girls look forward to the day they can finally wear make-up for real. But I think I may have cured Reese of that longing altogether. After she came back upstairs from showing David I said, " look just like Daddy would look if we wore make-up."

"Ok...", she declared, "I am never wearing makeup ever when I grow up."

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