Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Diets

Tate is quite intrigued about what different animals eat.

Cows, horses, fish, wasps, bees, giraffes...he asks me all the time what they all eat.

As we were heading home from preschool the other day Tate said, "Mommy, do pandas eat baboons?".

"What?! No. They don't."

"What eats baboons?".

"I don't know..." I stammered not wanting to put a mental picture of a carnivorous lion ripping apart a baby baboon into my sweet little boy's head. "Nothing. Nothing eats baboons. They're cute little monkeys."

"Oh," Tate said, mildly confused.

He looked back down at his National Geographic Kids Magazine and said, "But this panda is eating a baboon."

I was getting ready to call David to ask what in the world he was thinking when he got the kids a subscription to that magazine when Tate continued, "It's a green leafy thing...".

I put the phone down very relieved and set him straight, "Sweetie, that's called bamboo!"

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