Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween...Hollaway Style

And Drue's latest "Cheetah Phase" continues. She started out wanting to be a police girl with straight hair. Although I preferred her pick something a little more cutesy girly, I held my tongue. A few days before Halloween when we went to get her costume, she changed her mind. And her cheetah dreams were realized. The shirt and pants are actually a real outfit from Kohl's . A tagless outfit, thankfully.
I'm not sure what inspired Reese's pick this year. From the time we first began talking about costumes, she wanted to be a ballerina. A black and white ballerina. Apparently my kids are rather specific and detail oriented. Nevermind that she's about as graceful as a bull in a china cabinet. (She is our child who literally can fall down while she's standing still). She made a beautiful ballerina. On a sidenote she loves buns now. Yes, the hairstyle. She asks for one almost everyday. Probably just to get out having to have curls, no doubt.
Ah....Tater. When I pulled the box of Fall decorations out he and his dinosaur costume from last year were reunited. And that's what he decided to be...again. Reese said, "Wow Tate! Way to save Mom some money!".
My little crew. I kept reminding them nicely that I had to take some pictures of them before they could start trick or treating. So they were eager to pose and smile pretty for the camera, so things would go faster for everybody.
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