Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just a little word of caution. If you happen to be around my girls and notice how Drue is inching up to Reese's exact height, you might want to keep it to yourself and not say it aloud. You would be correct in your observation, but it doesn't sit well with Reese. She will smile at you when you say it but then be almost in tears about it that night.

She figures since she's older, she should be taller. End of discussion.

My prediction for the kids is: Tate will be the tallest, Drue next, and then Reese. I think they will all be taller than me, however. But this doesn't prove to be any consolation for Reese.

As for Drue. She's just tall. She was the tallest one in her Kindergarten class this year. She's in the very center of the back row in her class picture.

She thinks it's cool that she was taller than a lot of the 1st graders too. And even taller than some of Reese's 2nd grade classmates. So I've never worried that she feels out of place or strange since she's excited to tell me everyone she's taller than.

However, she's our sloucher. I didn't think much about it at first, because I'm a sloucher too. But I don't want her to be one. So I've started with, "Drue, hold your shoulders up." "Stand up straight."

A few weeks ago I started worrying that maybe she was slouching because part of her does feel strange being taller than all her little friends.

One particular day the girls and I were having yet another discussion about height and what not. Reese was once again, bemoaning the fact that she is going to be short her entire life and will never grow one inch beyond her current height. When she walked to the other room I took my opportunity to pull Drue's slouchy shoulders gently back and encourage her that she should be proud to stand tall.

And just to drive home my point even more I reassured her, "Drue, tall people are beautiful!", at the exact moment Reese walked back into the room.

Great timing. Reese's jaw dropped and she froze in place. And I had to quickly back pedal and try and explain my reasoning behind that statement.

I'm blaming all you people on this one. Or at least anyone whose ever said, "Wow Drue! You're almost as tall as Reese!".

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david said...

good luck with that one

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