Monday, June 04, 2007

Fun at the Fair

OK, so it's not technically a "fair". But it's close enough. And it made for a catchy title. Rides, booths, cotton candy, the works. Perhaps my favorite one of the entire year...Old Shawnee Days. We took the brood there on Saturday.

I had to get this on film....Drue sitting stock still for a solid 5 minutes while she got a cute little flower painted on her cheek. Which she thinks is still there by the way, 3 days later. I was wiping her face this morning and she cautioned, "DON'T WIPE MY FLOWER OFF!".

Cruising on the carousel. What a timeless ride. Reese went straight for this one first. Drue was more scared of this one than any ride they rode, however. And I was standing by her the entire time!

Don't they look like they're having a blast? They really did have a great time...not sure what the problem was at this moment.

This ride spun around and around and flew up into the air. I heard what I thought was Drue crying once it got going, but as they spun around my way, she was actually laughing hysterically. Whew.

A good time was had by all. I was so bummed because my camera battery ran low and I couldn't get a picture of David and the girls on the Ferris Wheel. Lame as this may sound, that is one ride that I am SCARED to death of! I can handle roller coasters that go upside down and sling me all around. But getting up to 5 gazillion feet above the asphalt in a little bucket, then stopping and waiting for people to get on, and having your bucket rock ever so slightly....AAAAAHHHH, gives me chills just writing about it. No. Thank. You. The girls loved it though. My heart stopped for a brief moment as I was gazing up at the top of the ride trying to pick out which seat they were in and I could have sworn the whole ride started swaying! I got my bearings quickly and realized it wasn't the ride that was was the clouds above the ride. Never a dull moment in the role of Motherhood....
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Margo said...

Scared of heights, huh?

Great family fun, Kristen! I love fun stuff like this. :-)

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