Wednesday, June 06, 2007


The past nine years have flown by! So many memories of that day that we like to laugh about, however I was oblivious to most of them because I just wanted to get through the ceremony without blubbering all over myself.

My nephew, Haden, was not quite 3 but he made the cutest little ring bearer. He rolled around on the stage, then finally laid on his stomach, propped his chin on his elbows, and watched the rest of the ceremony like he was at home watching cartoons.

My niece Morgan, one of the flower girls, had an ear infection and was rushed out of the auditorium by my bridesmaid, Alice, about 2.5 seconds before she got sick during our vows.

We successfully talked my dad out of wearing his red, white, & blue bow tie with his tux. He's retired from the military, and is a Military History Buff. He can find military connections to any date, and our wedding happened to fall on the anniversary of D-Day!

The day before, David went to move some things over to the apartment we'd be renting. We hadn't seen the actual apartment, just one similar to it. Turns out, it was totally trashed so we decided not to move there after all and began our new life together homeless! (Thanks to David's mom for letting us crash at her place after our honeymoon).

The next day we flew to Australia. We had a blast, but I couldn't get over the fact that I was now sharing a hotel room....with a boy! Strange.

I married a great guy. There's no one else I'd rather go through this crazy life with!
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Margo said...

Oh, I am so loving this picture!!! Congratulations guys!! :-)

Kristen said...

Thanks Margo!

I'm not quite sure who those young thin people are....

Margo said...

Ha! I know the feeling!

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