Monday, November 26, 2007

The Boy

99% of the time, if Tate wanders away from us in the house and doesn't reappear within a minute or two, something is awry. He can either be found tumping all my makeup out of their containers, emptying the contents of his sisters' sock and underwear drawer, or pulling every last diaper out of the package and scattering them across his floor. Needless to say, we usually keep a tight reign on the boy. A familiar shout of despair around our household is...."WHERE'S TATE?!?!".

The other 1% of the time he disappears, he is just desperate to find a quiet moment for himself. The other day, after a short frantic search, this is where I found him....
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Margo said...

Oh man, That kid just makes me smile every time!

How have things been? :-)

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