Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fashion Show

Twice we've planned to have Reese's little friend come home with us after church and play all afternoon. And twice our plans have been foiled by illness. The first time, we had to cancel because our household was infected with the "crud". This time, her little friend's mom called to cancel because the "crud" had found its' way over to their house.

Poor Reese. We've been anticipating this event for weeks. She picked up her room, the basement, and Tate's room Saturday night. Then we got the call. I felt so bad for her. It breaks my heart to see her ice blue eyes fill with tears of disappointment. So I promised her that she and I would do something fun this afternoon.

She quickly dried her tears and started planning our Fashion Show. Basically it was an entire afternoon of dressing up, doing nails, singing and dancing to Disney Princess songs, refreshments (a snack size Snickers for her and a tiny box of sour lemon nerds for me), and some games made up along the way.

We had to decorate first of course. Reese nominated me to make all the signs--she told me what to write...word for word. And she colored and cut out the other decorations.

Getting beautified. Don't worry...she had to scrub it all off before evening church.

Singing her heart out with her wand/microphone that she would shove in my face every few verses when it was my turn for a solo.

Me modeling the latest style of head adornment. (Thank goodness for Sepia coloring, because it makes it harder to see all my wrinkles up close!).

We had a fun time. Of course, the thing that made it so fun was seeing her get so excited and enjoy her afternoon. I must admit, I was exhausted at the end of our time together. But tonight as I was putting her to bed, I told her I would remember our Fashion Show forever. "Even when I go to college?", she asked.

At that moment, the tears began filling my eyes....
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Margo said...

wrinkles? What ever! :-)

Your little princess is ravishing dahling!

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