Friday, January 22, 2010

Our New Project


Reese's new passion is sewing. This is all well and good, however, I know nothing about sewing. And am therefore unable to be very helpful in her new endeavor. We got her a little sewing machine for Christmas. Which she was excited about. And she wanted to make a skirt for her and Drue that very day.

We finally settled on sewing a pillow. But we couldn't figure out the sewing machine, so ended up sewing most of it by hand. By my hand. She did a few stitches. I wish I had gotten a video of her when I finally finished that pillow. She was jumping up and down, squealing with delight, and vowed to sleep with it every night. And she has.

Now I consider myself a rather crafty person. As in "making fancy things" not as in "sneaky and deceitful".

What's that? You want to make a mini replica of Washington, D.C.? Bring it on!

Need a larger than life Hello Kitty face for your birthday party? No problem!

But ask me to stitch together two fabrics that hold any hope of actually staying together...I am at a loss.

I was starting to feel bad that I wasn't able to help Reese more with her new hobby. And I certainly didn't want to squelch her enthusiasm for making things. So I came up with an alternative.

Fleece Tie Blankets! No. Sewing. Necessary.

I had never made one before, but they didn't look too difficult so off we went to the store to pick out some fabric.

(David is taking a class for work until the end of February. A night class. Which means we don't see him Monday-Thursday because he heads to work before we get up and he gets home after we're in bed. So I was also excited to have an evening project for the kids and I to do together during the week.)

The plan was to make Reese's first, Drue's next, then Tate's. I figured about a week per blanket, since I had little hands helping me. I figured wrong. Reese was so ready to get going on hers, that we went ahead and started Monday while she had the day off school. She picked out her own on one side, and her favorite color, green, on the other.

She and I finished the entire blanket in less than one hour! I couldn't believe it. There went my weeklong plan!

Drue picked out her fabric yesterday...cheetah print and pale yellow. Tate is bursting at the seams (sewing pun not intended but clever none the less) to get his fabric. He's already picked out Dinosaurs and orange. Go figure.
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Alice said...

My SIL made one of those for the girls when they were is yellow on one side with purple and lambs on the other. It is awesome! Good job on the tying knots!! Keep it up!

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