Monday, January 25, 2010

Tooth Fairy Plans

Teeth are a big part of our discussions around here lately. And I need to take some more pictures of Reese with her most recent subtraction before it grows back. Tonight, as I was tucking the girls in, we were talking about teeth yet again.

Because Drue handles most things differently than Reese, I pondered aloud, "I wonder what Drue will be like when she starts losing her teeth?". Meaning, I wonder how she will react, etc.

Reese took the question literally and smiled big showing her one big gap in the front and said, "She'll be like me!".

Apparently, both girls have put a lot of planning into this in deciding which teeth they want to keep, which ones they want to give to the tooth fairy, and what they will do with the ones they save.

Drue is planning on keeping all her top teeth and putting all her bottom teeth under her pillow. She added, "When I'm 69, I will give the tooth fairy all my top teeth."

Reese has decided to also keep all her top teeth and slip her bottom teeth under her pillow as well. Adding, "Then, when I'm older and I don't have any money, I will put my top teeth one at a time, under my pillow and get my golden dollar!".

I really don't recall putting this much planning into the whole ordeal...I was just excited to get my quarter.

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david said...

They are too cute! With inflation what will $1 be when Drue is 69?

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