Monday, April 26, 2010

Do as they Preach, Not as they Do

Last Sunday I had all 3 kids with me in big church. (David teaches the 3rd Grade boys Sunday school class, lest you think he's a heathen and just wasn't at church with us).

I am still programmed to sit on an aisle close to an exit door, just in case. The girls were sitting on either side of me and Tate was in my lap. He is programmed to fall asleep during big church.

During the course of the pastor's message, he quoted something with the word "stupid" in it. All three kids turned to me wide eyed and whispered, "We don't say stupid!".

Wednesday night, Tate and I were waiting for the girls to finish up at choir practice. Usually I will use this time to run to Target with him real quick, but this night I just wanted to sit.

He had brought along a few books for me to read while we waited and he really was behaving himself quite well. At one point, he kind of hollered out a little bit so I reminded him that we don't holler out in church. "Just like we don't run in church", I went on to explain.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because this is God's house and we shouldn't holler out or run...unless you're playing a game outside or in the gym", I added, so he wouldn't get too confused.

Next thing I know there went our Middle School pastor....running by us down the hall to go speak to his waiting students.

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