Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boys & Girls

I continue to get a kick out of noticing the differences between my girls and my boy. This year they wanted to make presents for David for Father's Day. Tate was excited about his little wooden birdhouse.

He got right to work on it. He slapped a few strokes of white paint on and said, "Look Mommy!".

"Good job Buddy!", I encouraged, secretly hoping he was going to put a bit more effort into his creation.

I needn't have feared. He swirled his little brush in his cup of water (which thankfully he didn't end up drinking) and picked another color. After a bit he sat back to admire his work. I love watching how excited the kids get making things for others.

I set it out on the deck to dry. The girls each peeked out the window to look at it and both said, "Wow! He actually did a good job!".

Now, here is the difference between my little females and my little male: The girls enjoy wrapping up their gifts just as much as they do making them or picking them out. They lay out their little paper, scissors, and tape and go to town.

Tate went out to the deck to retrieve his dried birdhouse. He plopped it up on the table, grabbed a roll of paper from the hall closet and said, "Here ya go Mom...wrap it up!" and went on his merry way.

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david said...

I taught him that!!

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