Monday, June 21, 2010

Lessons Learned

So David and I were watching a show last night and a little girl was in her driveway playing with her skateboard. It started rolling down the driveway into the street and she ran after it. The next scene showed a pick up truck cruising down the street towards her. I almost had to turn it off right then and there. But the mom saw what was happening and ran out and grabbed the little girl.


But, of course, it got me thinking. We don't let the kids play out front by themselves. We are always there. But one day we won't be right there. So I got to worrying about it. Obviously.

And that would just be such a split second thing to happen that their first response would be to run after whatever was rolling towards the street.

The kids and I walked down to a friends' house this morning to play. While we were walking past all the driveways I decided to throw in a lesson about not running after anything that goes into the street. I kept reinforcing my point so it would be sure and sink in.

"So, like, if you're playing with a ball and it bounces into the street, should you run to get it?"

"Noooooo", they said in unison.

"Right. Just stop where you are and come tell a grown up".

I continued on using various examples of things that may roll into the street. "Even if it's something big, like your bike, just let it roll into the street and come tell a grown up. Mommy and Daddy won't be upset with you. We will be very happy that you're safe and came and told us".

I wrapped up with, "So no matter what it is that rolls toward the street, just let it go ok? Nothing is that important to risk being hurt to chase after."

Reese and Tate nodded, but Drue piped up, "But Mom...what about that time that Tate was in the stroller and it started rolling toward the street?".


david said... and get it!!!

Julie@Tales of Two T's said...

LOL! That's a smart kid you've got there! I think he just threw you under the bus...

Amanda said...

Ha! I like that one, Drue! When did that happen, KRISTEN!?!

Alice said...

You like to watch Vanpire shoes huh???? ha ha!

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