Sunday, February 13, 2011

If I Ever Forget How Old I Am, My Kids Will Always Remind Me

I had no plans of watching American Idol this season. After losing Paula, then Simon, I just didn't think it would be the same. But the auditions sucked me back in. And the kids are really excited about it too. The past couple of years I've let the girls vote on the phone and they think that is totally cool.

So....we are officially watching it again. We get in our pjs, pop a huge batch of popcorn and claim our seats on the couch and recliner. The kids usually decide within the first few notes out of the contestants' mouths whether or not they think they should go to Hollywood.

If Tate were an official American Idol judge, nobody would go through to Hollywood. He'll say, "I don't like that guy". To which I have to correct him and say, "Tate, you don't even know that guy. So it's not nice to say you don't like someone you don't even know. You might not like the way he sings."

A couple of nights into the season Tate finally asked, "So what happens to the American Idol? What do they get to do?".

"Well...", I began, "They get to be famous. And make lots of records."

"Oh," Tate replied thoughtfully.

Short pause.

"What are records?".

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