Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Child's View

Back in April, David took Reese to work with him for "Take Your Child to Work Day". He has been wanting to take her since she was born, but Quest says they have to be 8. So this was her year.

His plan was to keep her 1/2 the day, then drop her off at school after lunch. She decided she wanted to stay the whole day, so he ended up keeping her til around 3:30 and I went and picked her up.

He loaded her up with all sorts of Quest memorabilia. Pens, paper, leather portfolios, you name it. Right away, the kids started playing "office". Whenever we return from somewhere, they almost always start playing whatever we just experienced. After dentist appointments, they play "dentist". After the circus, they start "training" all their stuffed animals.

So I got a kick out of Reese rounding them up to play office. She scrambled around and found some of our old cell phones. And taught them how to answer the phone "Quest Diagnostics, this is _____________".

David recently took a new position as the Operations Manager of a lab that Quest owns, called Ameripath. So I started prepping the kids over the weekend and teaching them the new name of where Daddy works.

Reese piped up and asked completely seriously, "So, at his new job...does he do anything? Or does he still just check emails and make phone calls?".

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david said...

So far...emails and phone calls :-)

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