Saturday, June 25, 2011

Word Misheard

I don't like freezing cold days.

I don't like fiery hot days.

Wednesday and Thursday of this week were the perfect days weatherwise I can remember having in a long time. The kids and I stayed outside practically all day long. Just because.

Wednesday we went to Deanna Rose Farm, ate outside at Sonic, came home and played in the backyard, then Drue and Tate played at the school playground during Reese's soccer practice that evening.

Thursday we didn't really have much planned so we just lounged in the backyard. I had told the girls I would paint their nails that day so I had them gather up all the supplies and bring them out to the deck.

We set up a makeshift nail salon on the steps. Drue was looming over me while I did Reese's nails. I was having a hard time getting the polish evenly distributed on her tiny nails when I realized Drue was blocking all the sunlight.

"Hey Drue," I said, "How 'bout you move and get out of my light?" I asked.

"Whaaaaaat?" she asked in disbelief. She shifted over to the side a little bit then assured me, "I'm not going to get out of your life!".

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david said...

Awww...that cracks me up!

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