Saturday, August 27, 2011

Extreme Makeover: Girls' Room Edition

We moved Reesie out of her nursery a few months before Drue was born. We wanted her to think, "Cool! I get a new room!". Instead of, "That new baby is kicking out of my room!". Of course, since she wasn't yet 2 at the time, neither thought probably crossed her mind. After Drue was born, we finished setting up Reese's new room. David put white bead board up and we painted it the prettiest, girliest, sweetest shade of pale pink. 7 years later, we decided it was probably time for a little update. We were subtly pushed toward this decision by some comments the girls have made here and there. For one, neither one of them likes the color pink in general anymore. And they have both been wanting to put a little more of their personalities into their room by asking to put up posters, etc.
So we bid farewell to their pale pink walls and Pottery Barn Quilts earlier this week. I've been planning it in my head all Summer. And being the huge fan of HGTV Surprise Makeover shows that I am, decided that was the way to go. Completely and totally surprise them! The beginning of the new school year coincided nicely with getting the girls out of the house together. David took a day off work, and we worked diligently toward the "Big Reveal".
It turned out p-r-e-t-t-y darn close to the way I imagined it being. At first, we were going to keep their beds (which I have always liked). But the girls have asked for bunk beds a few times. They actually were wanting waterbed bunk beds, which I doubt even exist. And at one time Drue was bound and determined to ask Santa for them this Christmas. Yikes! We ended up coming across this really inexpensive bunk bed frame while we were on a date night a few weeks ago. We both got so excited picturing their reaction, we just couldn't resist. Their cute twin beds will wait for the girls to move into their own rooms someday.

The hard part was keeping all this a secret from them. I have been out on numerous secret missions to Target, Hobby Lobby, etc the past month or so gathering items. The girls couldn't miss the huge box on top of our van the night we bought the bunk beds. We told them we couldn't tell them at that time what was in the box but explained they'd find out soon enough. I even had to go so far as to tell them, "Don't worry, it's nothing to get excited about" to throw them off the track. Drue decided it must be a new shower for our room because she caught David measuring our shower recently. David stayed up late a few nights putting together their new dresser in the garage. He threw a quilt over it and they didn't peek once. It also worked to our advantage that they are scared to go in the garage by themselves, which pretty much kept them from snooping when we weren't close by.
I couldn't WAIT for them to get home from school and be surprised! This helped me not be too sad to replace the pink walls with bright turquoise, ahem, Magical Oasis, and remembering all the times we tucked in our little toddler girls in that room or helped them into their tiny pastel tutus.
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reichleyja said...

I love their room and the colors are beautiful together. You and David dida terrific job. I know the girls love it!

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