Monday, August 29, 2011

Forgotten Facebook Statuses

Ok, so my blog posts are sometimes few and far between and I like to blame a little thing called Facebook. Oh, and time. Or lack thereof.

Facebook and time. Yep, those are the culprits. It's so much quicker (more quick?) to pound out a few lines of a Facebook status sometimes than to draft a more lengthy blog post. It kinda makes me realize how much I tend to ramble (no feedback needed on that comment David),how many of my blog posts go on and on, and how much time is spent building up a certain scenario.

I do get a kick out of going back and re-reading old posts, though. Especially some of the stories I had forgotten about. Which, is really one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place. So I figured I would do the same thing with Facebook. Go back and re-read some of my statuses for old times' sake. As I was going back through my statuses, I realized there were more than plenty that I never blogged about. So I picked 10 random ones for this post. And may choose to revisit some others later.

I joined Facebook the Summer before Reese started Kindergarten. Here were some doozies/sweet ones between now and then:

-David asked who dumped the entire box of carpet fresh onto the carpet. Tate quickly scanned the room and when he couldn't find his sisters to blame said, "Mommy did it!".

-I popped a Starburst in my mouth on my way up to tuck the kids in. Tate was trying to figure out what it was so he leaned in closely, sniffed, and said, "It smells like Star Wars."

-One lost school library book. One upset child. One found library book after upset child had already been dropped off at school. One mad dash back up to school with found book for upset child. One happy child after school with new library book. One puzzled mother asking her happy child why she checked out a book we already own?!

-Tate's prayer last night: "Thank you for Santa for giving us toys and thank you for God for giving us hearts".

-Me: "Drue, do you still want to be a vet when you grow up?"
Drue: "No"
Me: "Oh, what do you want to be then?"
Me: "What do you mean nothing?"
Drue: "I just want to be YOU!"

-A sign of a hectic morning is finding your perfectly toasted bagel still sitting in the toaster oven at 5pm.

-Tate's favorite blanket is accidentally spending the night at church. We have assured him it is in good hands...God's hands.

-I felt like I was in a production of Sound of Music last night. Every clap of thunder brought another child jumping into our bed. I'm sure we will have a repeat performance tonight.

-I finally delivered our Welcome Basket to the new neighbors...minus the cupcakes. (Moral of the story: If you're not home the 1st time I try to deliver your basket, I will eat all perishable items).

-I was feeling pretty good about myself getting everyone ready ahead of schedule this morning until I dropped Drue off at school in her sweats and realized it was Picture Day.

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