Monday, August 07, 2006

15 pounds

15 pounds. 15 measley, itty bitty, teeny tiny, insignificant pounds. Oh, who am I kidding? It may as well be 150 lbs!! That's how much I have left to lose of my "baby weight" from having Tate. Actually, I am pretty sure I've already lost all the baby related pounds....all 28 of them. These last 15 probably have something to do with all the packages of chocolate donuts I inhaled during those 9 months. Yes, I gained a grand total of 43 lbs while pregnant with him. I used pregnancy as my excuse to eat whatever, whenever I darn well pleased. And now I'm paying for it. Who did I think I was kidding? Did I think my body wouldn't notice all those little extra empty calorie, zero nutrient snacks I was sneaking? Did I think it would just chalk it all up to normal pregnancy weight gain and get rid of all of it within a month or so after Tate was born? Well.....yes...I guess I did.

I've always been on the thin side. Alright....pre-babies I was downright skinny. I'm not trying to get back to my Olive Oyl shaped days, but I would, however, like to get back to the lower side of average.

"But you look good the way you are," people say. "You don't want to get back down as skinny as you used to be. You just looked ill and anemic."

Ummm.....thank you? I think. What am I supposed to say to that? All those years I was struttin' my stuff in my size 2 jeans, people were secretly trying to figure out how to check me into Anorexics Annonymous!! Anyway, like I said, my goal is not to get back to that size, but I would be thrilled to shed these last few pounds.

Warning: The following statment may result in you wanting to throw something at me, but it's MY blog, so I am just going to spit it out.....My previously thin shape was just thanks to heredity. I've never had to diet or exercise or stand on my head whilst trying to slither into a pair of last season's pants. So having said that...let me just say this....I have a WHOLE NEW appreciation for all you ladies (and men) who (1) Have the willpower to diet and (2) Have the stamina and dedication to exercise.

Now, I'm not a sloth or a couch potato mind you. I do like to get out and briskly walk a mile or 2 around the neighborhood regularly. But that just isn't going to cut it with regards to that part of my anatomy that Tate was swimming around in a mere 3 months ago. Horror of horrors I do believe I am going to have to start some toning exercises such as sit ups or crunches. ICK!

So starting today, well, maybe tomorrow, actually tomorrow I have to go to work, so maybe Wednesday, I will start my new exercise regime. (Yeah, I can tell this is going to go over REAL well). We'll call it....OPERATION: WEIGH STATION....

YIKES!--that makes me sound like a tanker truck.....


Alice said...

YOu big fatty.......don't worry you will lose it.

her husband said...

lose 15, gain 15 you're still that beautiful 18 year old hottie I fell in love with!

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