Monday, July 02, 2007

The Chair

A good friend of mine gave me this vibrating baby seat for Reese's baby shower. We have gotten so much use out of it. It was a great place to plop the kids when we needed a free hand, a favorite napping spot, and where they were all introduced to solid foods because I could get down on the floor on their level, etc.

Reese drug it up from the basement for one of her dolls the other night and Tate was quickly reunited with a favorite hang out. David said he crawled up into it, and just sat still for quite awhile. Those moments are few and far between lately.

He is quite the little reader these days, and loves his books.

Here's baby Tate last summer hanging out in the kitchen while I made supper.

And here's baby Drue in Fall 2004 all bundled up and cozy next to little Reese.

(We hadn't quite embraced the 21st century when Reese was born and didn't have the digital camera, and I don't have time right this second to dig through her pictures to find one of her as a baby in the chair and scan it into the computer. Perhaps another day....)

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