Monday, October 29, 2007

False Alarm

Ok, so this MRSA...Superbug...Staph scare has me freaked out. And they say to look for anything that may resemble a boil or spider bite.

So my breath caught in my throat this afternoon as my eyes were drawn to a suspicious looking red bump on the back of Tate's head right at the base of his skull!

Upon closer inspection, however, it was deemed to be leftover ravioli from todays' lunch.



Alice said...

Hey, my friend popped a zit on Saturday and was in the hospital by Thursday for 2 1/2 days with a awful staph infection. They said if she wouldn't have come in it would have went to her brain and killed about freaked out. BTW: It was a freak thing and it is very rare to get them......and staph is usually found in the don't let them pick there noses and touch an open sore!! Eek.

Alice said...

I mean "their" noses......

Alice said...

Oh....the zit was right under her nose. Her lip got huge....then her cheeks and then to her eyes....holy cow.

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