Wednesday, October 24, 2007

True Love

Here's a few glimpses into what a sweet, loving, encouraging man I married:

Normally, I look into the mirror to apply makeup, do my hair, etc. These events don't usually require me to smile. In fact, it's rare that I look into the mirror and smile. That's just odd. But I guess I happened to be laughing the same moment I looked into the mirror a few weeks ago and was aghast to see distinct LINES fanning out from the outside corners of my eyes. I assure you, that was nothing to smile about. So I vowed from that moment on, no more smiling for me. Ever.

Later that evening I informed David of my decision. "What? Why?", he asked.

I went on to explain to him my smile line discovery earlier in the day, and since we can't afford Botox, my only other solution is to quit smiling altogether.

"Smile lines?", he asked, confused.

"Yes! Those little lines that creep out from my eyes when I smile!".

"Oooohhhhh. Yeah, they do make you look old. They're called crows' feet...but on me, they're called character lines."

The other day I had been doing laundry and had piled a couple of clean loads onto our bed. After getting everyone bedded down for the night, David and I went into our room to start getting ourselves ready for bed. We both eyed the mountain of clothes lying there. I will confess, I've been known to simply sweep the mountain onto the floor, or chair at times and drift off to sleep. However, when I discovered that laundry elves do not visit our house in the middle of the night to put away our clean clothes, I've tried to stop doing that.

I could see the wheels turning in David's head as he tried to figure out another location to store the clothes so we could go to sleep.

I picked up a towel and began folding it. He was standing at the end of the bed just staring.

"I have to fold these and put them away tonight because if I have to wake up to this mound of clothes tomorrow morning I am going to kill myself!" I explained. (I know, that is nothing to joke about, but drastic times call for drastic empty threats).

David didn't even blink an eye. "Well honey, please don't kill yourself on top of the clean clothes, because that would just cause an awful stinch which would be hard to get out."

Isn't he a catch?

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