Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Birthday Fun

The plan was to wait until Reese got home from preschool before we let Drue open any presents. However, Drue came downstairs looking expectantly at the fireplace (where we usually have their presents laid out at Christmas) so I went ahead and dug all her gifts out of hiding and let her open them. She was so excited! Everytime she ripped one open and got a glimpse of what the gift was, she would squeal, "I wanted this!".

Trip to Build-A-Bear where Daddy laid down the law and said "We are absolutely not getting any clothes...we are just getting the animals." Ahem...notice how cute their animals look in their outfits. One pleading look from his sweet princesses and he melted, like always...

An evening at Chuck-E-Cheese. Tate- mapping out his game strategy. Drue tried to play this game but kept throwing the balls, instead of rolling them. I quickly shooed her off to another game not wanting our night to end in a lawsuit from an innocent bystander getting smacked in the side of the head.

Here's my big kid at heart. Um, dear, did you see which way the children went?!?
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David said...

I made most of them too!!!

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