Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

One of the kids favorite games is "Jump into a huge pile of pillows". Of course I was appropriately shocked and frozen with worriment when I came home one day and saw it in progress. But...I got over that pretty quickly and decided to roll with it. Heck, Tate jumps off the ottomans with no pillows underneath, so I figured a feathery oversized nest to catch him was an improvement.

Drue has added another aspect, in addition to jumping, she does somersaults off the ottomans.

Good form Reese! I give you a "10". (On a side note...3 people told me Reese was getting "so tall" today at church. THREE! And they all saw her at separate times. That was too funny. I do look at her every now and then and think how big she's getting. But it's also hard to gauge sometimes since I see her everyday.)

Air surfing.

The beagles see pillows and think "relaxing retreat"...not for long. WATCH OUT MOLLY!
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