Friday, February 01, 2008

Backseat Blues

We bought our van two years ago for convenience sake. Well, that, and there was no way three car seats would have fit in either of our vehicles at the time. I embraced the fact that we were entering our 30s and chose practicality over style. We liked the fact that all the kids would have their own space and elbow room and not be smushed up on top of each other in a car or smaller vehicle.

Tate has now decided, however, that he doesn't want a space of his own, he wants to sit smack dab in the middle of his silly sisters...that's where all the action is apparently. He tries to trick me by scampering in ahead of everyone and plopping down in one of their seats. Probably thinking, "Mommy's so frazzled, she just wants to get us all buckled in and be on her way...she'll never notice me here."

This morning I found them like this as we were heading out to take Reese to school.


Reese said, "Awwww...look. Tate wants to sit by his sissies. Please Mommy? Just let him sit there."

Tiredly I explained how it was Mommy's job to keep her little ones safe and he needed to be safely buckled into his own seat in the front row. This didn't deter Reese. "Well, you could just put his seat back here between us then."

Great idea!! (If he were Tom Thumb and his carseat was only 6 inches wide....)

Before we picked Reese up later, I switched her seat with Tate's. Now Drue and Tate can get into some fun trouble in the back row together.
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