Thursday, July 03, 2008

Nothing Good Can Come of This


You are probably wondering a few things right about now:

(a) Why in the world did I snap a picture of this instead of trying to stop him?

(b) Should you contact Child Protective Services because you can count every one of Tate's ribs and are afraid we're not feeding him?

(c) How much damage was actually done?

Here are my answers:

(a) Sometimes I just like to catch real moments, not always the staged "Let's pretend we never fight with our siblings and smile pretty for the camera" moments.

(b) This child is already about to eat us out of house and home and he's not even a teenager yet! We are debating on taking a second mortgage out on the house just to feed him. He often sneaks into the pantry and shoves whatever food is closest into his mouth. I am thinking of putting liver and onions on the bottom shelf to teach him a lesson...

(c) In all honesty, no damage was done. Reese moved out of the way in the nick of time and he ended up just splashing the bat in the water. Rest assured.
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