Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Now Why Didn't I Think of That...

As I've mentioned once (or a thousand) times before...when Tate is out of sight, it's usually not because he is being a productive and helpful member of society.

When he does disappear for a bit, we usually call to him, to make sure he hasn't left the premises altogether or that he didn't dive headfirst into the toilet. Sometimes he answers back innocently when we call...sometimes he doesn't answer at all and we split up to hunt him down. David has been starting to work with him to at least holler back to us so we know what general direction to go in.

Tonight while David was at work, Tate disappeared from the kitchen while the girls were finishing their supper. One of them was in the midst of a rather involved tale when I politely asked them to hold that thought, I just wanted to check on Buddy.

"TATE!" I hollered followed by a pause to listen for a barely audible response.


That little bundle of sweetness must not have heard his mommy beckon.

"T-A-T-E!!!!" I hollered louder, hardly believing it was possible to go up a decibel from my previous bellow.

Absolute eerie silence. No response whatsoever.

Reese opened her little mouth at that point and hollered out a simple, yet ingenious plea...


Of course.

Within seconds, the pitter patter of his little feet could be heard racing through the dining room and our superhero magically appeared in the kitchen ready to save the day!

So tomorrow when it's time for nap and he scrambles under the girls' bed believing he is invisible...I will calmly go to his room, sit on his bed and holler out that there's a mommy in distress.

Which, at that point, probably won't be far from the truth...

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jastrom said...

Adorable! They crack me up!

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