Saturday, July 19, 2008

They're on to me...

Reese and Drue have figured out what my blog is all about and that I love to write about all the cute/silly stuff they say/do. I had to convince Reese that it was all in good fun. After she made Tate magically appear with the Superman trick and I stopped laughing I said, "I've got to go put that on my blog...".

To which she wailed, "Nooooo!". I think she thought that was a bad thing or something. Along the same lines as saying, "I'm going to tell Daddy what you did today...". I explained to her that it was, in fact, a good thing. What she had done was so cute that I wanted to share it with my friends and keep it as a memory forever. She relented. And ever since that conversation has been adding "Put that on your blog" after she says something that makes us laugh.

Well today's story is actually one that Drue wanted me to put on here. So here goes:

Last night while David was putting the girls to bed Drue pointed to his face and asked, "What's that called?".

Skeptically David asked, "What?".

Drue went on to say, "I know that is a beard, but I forget what that is called" aiming her little finger at his upper lip.

"That's called a mustache", he explained.

"Ohhhhh", Drue said, then pointing at her own little temple said, "I'm going to put that in my mind."

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