Sunday, August 24, 2008

Farm Pictures

Feeding baby goats with bottles tops my list as one of the cutest activities in the world! David bought 3 bottles and headed over to the goat pen with Tate while the girls rode ponies. By the time we got over to join them, Tate had used up all the bottles! So off David went to buy some more. The goats bombard you right as you slip through their gate and gobble up the milk. David said Tate was very particular about the goats he fed. He didn't like feeding the ones that pushed their way to the front. He would jerk the bottle out of their mouth saying, "No!" and go seek out the ones that were lying away from the crowd. How sweet is that?!

A kiss from one kid to another...


Sometimes we end up splitting up at the farm if the kids want to do different things. The girls and I explored the old time school room then they headed off with David while Tate and I went to play. I still can't get over that he can actually carry on little conversations now. Just a few months ago I was concerned that he would never talk. He came up to me and said, "Water". So I thought he wanted to go play in the water where they can splash around in their bare feet. He humored me for a bit, then came over and said "Water" again.

"Yeah, you like playing in the water?" I responded.

He looked puzzled then said, "Water to drink. Hot."

So off we went in search of the water fountain.

There is the cutest little kid sized bench in front of a waterfall when you first get to the farm. I wanted to get a cute shot of the kids on it when we first got there before they got tired and cranky, but David whisked us past because there was only a little time left to feed the goats. I tried again right before we left to go home and positioned all the kids with the picturesque scene behind them camera battery died! Grrrrr.....
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