Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is That From Webster's Version?

I can't seem to get through to my little messy darlings that I like for them to be neat and presentable before we go out in public anywhere. They are still at the stage where they could care less if their hair isn't tamed or they are wearing their last meal (and perhaps the meal before that) on their face.

It is a mad scramble as we prepare to run an errand or go somewhere for me to meticulously inspect each child for stowaway spaghettios on their shirt, dried toothpaste on their face, or hair to rival Don King. David, bless his heart, just slaps a ball cap on each of their heads and calls it good. Thus hiding both their unruly hair, and casting a shadow on their unwashed faces.

Tonight the girls had swimming lessons. Drue wanted to put back on the outfit she played outside in over her suit. Ummmm....not possible I had to inform her. Each girl washed her own face after my prompting. And Tate even didn't put up too much of a fuss as I scrubbed on his for a few seconds. Drue's hair was flying every which way so I told her to grab some ponytail holders and I would put it up before we went.

Reese piped up at this point, "Why does it matter what her hair looks like if she is just going to get into the swimming pool?".

Solid point. But I explained to her that we don't just dash from the van right into the pool. We had to stand around for a few minutes until their session started and I couldn't very well ask all the other parents to please close their eyes until my daughter ducks her head under the water.

This started our whole conversation about how I like for them to look presentable when we go somewhere, etc, etc, that is why I have them wash their faces, etc, etc. Please go brush your teeth....yes, I know you will be in the pool but I don't want the children next to you to faint from the smell of your yuck mouth, etc, etc.

And we were off.

We got to the pool and I told them to stay in their seats for a sec, I just wanted to touch up my makeup a bit. Swipe on some lipstick, powder my face, that's it. This started our conversation all over again.

"Mom, why do you have to fix your makeup just to go inside?" Reese probed.

I guessed the word "presentable" wasn't exactly sinking in to their brains so I tried wording it another way.

"When Mommy goes somewhere, she just likes to look decent," I explained.

To which Drue added matter-of-factly, "Decent - means crazy."

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Alice said...

Too funny! You are such a good writer...I can never think of anything to write.

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