Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Two Dads

Reese has been cheerleading for the Upwards Basketball league at church. (Picture to be posted at a later date...chill people).

Anyway, I carpool with another little girls' mom and dad to/from practices. (And, yes, that makes me feel O-L-D to be in an official carpool).

This other little girl is very outgoing, talkative, blunt, etc. She's not afraid to say anything, or ask you anything, or offer up any kind of information. I am always curious about what Reese is like in other peoples' cars. She is so shy that I can't even picture her talking. Just giggling nervously.

Well apparently, she has become much more talkative lately when the little girls' dad picks them up from practice. Her mom was relaying some of the things Reese said the other day.

She told her friend that her daddy was the boss of all the Targets and that they should only shop at Target and nowhere else.

The other mother then leaned in close to me and asked, "Were you married before David?".

I almost choked as I gasped, "What?!"

Reese told her friend that she had two dads. And her friends' parents thought that was strange since Reese is a female clone of David! The mom was telling me all this during one of the games the girls were cheering for. It was all I could do to hold myself back from running out on the court to ask Reese about it.

I was just completely baffled. Why would she have said that? And who could she possibly be referring to?

I wasn't even sure how to bring it up with Reese. Should I nonchalantly dance around the issue and see what she offered up on her own? Or should I point blank say, "Why in the world did you tell Maddie you have 2 dads?!".

I think I went with an approach somewhere in the middle.

"Hey, Reese...I understand you told Maddie that you have 2 dads..."

She looked quizzically up at me. I was kind of worried she might deny it and then I would be upset that she lied.

"I do," came her simple answer.

Now it was my turn to have the quizzical look.

"God...and Daddy."

I kissed the top of her little head and happily passed her response along to David...

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