Sunday, February 08, 2009

More Bible Funnies

The girls' devotion tonight was the story of Jesus calming the storm. His followers woke him up and were very scared and he spoke to the wind and the waves and they ceased. The application, of course, was that God is always in control and we don't need to be afraid.

I wasn't sure that Drue had been paying attention the entire time because she was fiddling around with their new "spy" camera.

So I said, "Drue...what was our lesson about tonight?".

"Ummm...about Jesus telling the wind and the waves to stop...and they stopped."

Ok. So she heard the story part. But had her little 4 year old mind been able to wrap itself around the application? I probed further.

"Good Drue. And what can we take out of that?". (Meaning...what is the lesson we are to learn from that?).

Of course, she took my question literally and thought for a second before answering, "We could take out when Jesus was napping...".

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