Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Interesting Description

David working late + me working all day + no food in the house + freezing temp that I don't want to drag the kids to the grocery store in = TAKE OUT FOR DINNER!

I chose Applebee's carside to go. The roads were a bit slick so it took a little longer to get there and get home than planned. Plus Tate decided to throw the remote at Drue's head right before we got into the car so I had to pause to comfort/discipline which also made us later.

We got it home and I doled out all their little meals. The fries were cold, my chicken sandwich left a lot to be desired. Then Drue took a bite of her macaroni. Instant wailing ensued.

I probed her to further explain what was the matter with her noodle entree and between sobs she said, "My macaroni isn't soft and silky!". I looked down at her dry, clumpy dish and thought her description had been right on.

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Alice said...

Yeah, we haven't had good food from Apple Bee's lately either...especially car-side to go....

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