Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Signs, signs, everwhere are signs...

Ok, so it's a small thing. But it bugs me. Can't help it.

After David gets something out of a cabinet in the kitchen...HE LEAVES THE DOOR OPEN! So, many a time, I have walked into the kitchen while he's in there and MULTIPLE doors are wide open with all our junk and disorganization exposed.

Rather than nag or complain too much about it, I have just started saying sarcastically, "Well, Daddy's home!!" as I go about shutting all the doors, perhaps slamming a few in the process.

The kids (and I) are still getting used to David's crazy schedule and long hours. It's hard for them to keep track of which night he closes and won't be home to sing to them, which weekend days he works, etc.

Tonight on the way home Reese said out of the blue, "I hope the cabinet doors are open."

Of course, I was puzzled by this statement. Wasn't sure why she'd wish them to be open since she knows it drives me crazy...so I figured I had heard her wrong.

"You hope the cabinet doors are open?" I repeated for clarification.

"Yes", she confirmed, "Because that means Daddy's home!".

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