Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seatbelts are overrated (NOT REALLY)

I really do not consider myself to be a mother who intentionally puts her children in harms' way. We are down to having just one kid who requires assistance with putting a seatbelt on. Obviously, that is Tate. He can undo his buckle once we reach our destination but isn't able to buckle it yet.

It feels funny telling the girls to "hop on in and buckle yourselves". Drue still has a hard time on occasion. When her booster isn't positioned exactly so...she can kind of go a little crazy when it takes a minute to finagle her buckle til it "clicks".

When Drue's booster is in the middle seat, she can't get it buckled at all. That's where it was tonight. So I reached over and buckled her, then went and got in the drivers seat and started the car.

Tate's little voice piped up, "NOT I BUCKLED! NOT I BUCKLED!". Yes, I had forgotten to buckle the little dear...and if that weren't bad enough...this is the SECOND time in the past few days that has occurred! (I really need to move Drue's booster back to the backseat).

Because my mind thinks that once I have buckled one child in, my job is done. And it's kind of humbling that my 2 year old needs to remind me to buckle him!

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