Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Karaoke Kid

**Still trying to figure out how to transfer a video from my phone to the computer so you will just have to settle for a word picture for now**

At Reese's school carnival (see post below) there was karaoke in the cafeteria as entertainment while everyone ate dinner.

I mentioned it excitedly to Reese hoping she might like to try it. She said yes so we headed over to look at the song list. There were a few Hannah Montana songs on there but none that she would remember all the words to and I knew she wasn't quite ready to follow along with all the words on the screen yet.

I wrote her name on the list and she backed out before we picked a song. I assured her I would be up there with her. "You'll sing with me?" she asked hopefully. " I will be standing right by the stage," I offered. It's not that I didn't want to sing with her, I just hadn't seen any other parents up there...just kids. So I scratched her name out. No harm done. No pressure here. We headed over to eat.

But I could tell she was still thinking about it. "I would do it if someone did it with me," she said. I suggested Drue. They have done countless duets on our fireplace hearth. She came running back a minute later saying Drue didn't want to do it. After we sat down to eat, David suggested she go ask a little girl in her class. She was gone in a flash. The girl agreed to sing with her. Their song of choice...Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

They waited their turn then bee bopped up on stage and sang their hearts out. Reese had so much fun singing with a real microphone in front of a real audience.

Right before we left for the night I discovered that we still had a few tickets left. So I asked Reese if she wanted to try another song. She didn't even hesitate. "Yes! This time I want to do it by myself."

She did B-I-N-G-O this time and was so cute! The audience even got into it and clapped along with her during the part where you take some letters out of the word BINGO. I was so proud of her! She wasn't even timid about it once she got started. She sang loud and clear.

American Idol 2018 here we come.....

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