Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sweetness at Storytime

Reese requested a made up story tonight at bedtime. Well, she requested it about 30 minutes past bedtime but I obliged. I made up a story a few years ago for the girls about a rainbow slide. They made me tell it to them over and over so it has stuck in my head ever since. But it has probably been a year since I told it to them. So they were all ears to hear a Mommy story from their toddler years.

About halfway through telling it, I realized that it really had been geared towards, well, toddlers! Basically the plot centered around a mother and her two girls who found a rainbow and climbed up one side then slid down the other. About 4 times in a row.

So at the end of the story tonight I said, "That was a story for you girls when you were very little. Let's add to it now that you are bigger."

They liked that idea. So we each took turns adding a little part. Reese brought up looking for the pot of gold in one of her parts. So when it got back around to me I purposefully left off right when they found the pot of gold to see what Reese would have them spend it on.

Here was how her next part went:

"But they didn't buy anything with the gold. They gave it all to the poor people. So they could be regular people. They got clean water and warm soup and didn't have to wear yucky clothes anymore."

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