Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love your neighbor as yourself?

I don't think Jesus ever had a neighbor who drained their entire above ground pool into his yard! And I'm sad to say I didn't act very neighborly this evening and am still shaking from my ordeal as I write this.

EVERY YEAR the neighbors behind us drain their pool into our yard! Last year David actually called the city who said that it wasn't a very nice thing to do but there was no ordinance or law against doing it. This peeved me. I get highly irritated by people who get away with doing wrong things.

The kids had been playing outside this evening and had been inside for about 30 minutes. I happened to look out our living room window and see a huge flood in the yard and under the swingset. What in the world?! 2 things tipped me off that this flood must have just occurred. (1) It had been a beautiful 60 degree day today. (2) Tate had come inside from playing and was dry. If there had been a flood of water in our yard he would have dove headfirst into it and been soaking wet.

So I asked David, "Where did all that water come from?".

He took one look out the window and said crossly, "The neighbors are draining their pool again."

I. Was. Livid. And that is an understatement.

My first thought was that I wanted to throw all our hard boiled Easter eggs into their yard and on top of their pool cover. David asked, "Is that what Jesus would do?".

But I was so upset and I didn't want them to think they were getting away with something. I hopped on top of the privacy fence to make sure that was, indeed, what was happening. There was the drain hose. Coming out of their pool and positioned just right so it would drain down their yard right into ours.

I hopped off the fence and dashed inside to get the camera. I was hoping they were watching me from their window and would get nervous when they saw the camera and be lured outside so I could yell at them.

When I scrambled to the top of the fence again, I started snapping away. But there was no memory card in my camera so no actual pictures were being taken. So I pretended to snap some more just for the illusion.

David came onto the deck at this point and said, "Hey, take some pictures of our yard also."

Oops. I dashed back inside and got the memory card and again hoisted myself to the top of the fence. I almost fell completely backward because there, standing by the pool, was the lady who lived there!

There was no way out now. And I wish I could remember what the first words out of my mouth were but I can't. Something to the effect of, "Why do you do that?".

She looked up from what she was doing and just stared at me. Silently. For about 5 seconds. So I went on. "You have flooded our yard!", I confronted her.

Again, she said nothing.

"Every year you do this. You drain your pool into our yard and now it is completely flooded."

She finally spoke.

"Ok," was all she said.

Which infuriated me even more.

"Why do you think that is ok?". I pleadingly asked.

"That's just where it goes," she said.

She was making this more and more difficult.

I gathered up the last of my courage and said, "That is so...NOT NICE!". Yes, those were my exact words...my big finish...I am sad to say.

She just looked at me and said, "I'll change it." Yet made no move to change the direction of the drain hose.

Well I was so embarrassed by my last pansy reprimand that I didn't say anything else, but I wanted to make a grand departure so I snapped a few more pictures of her pool and drain hose and our yard for effect. Then hopped back off the fence for the last time.

Did I mention I was barefoot and wearing pajama pants? Yeah, I looked really tough. And I am still pulling out the splinters.

David suggested we toss a dog poop into their pool once a week when they start using it as revenge. Yeah, I can see Jesus doing that dear.

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