Sunday, May 31, 2009


Ok, so there was one moment of tears during the trip. Tate handed David his dripping ice cream cone to hold while he ran around for a bit and David tossed it in the trash. So who could blame the poor little guy? And why did his mean Mommy stop to take a picture of his moment of despair?

Happier times with his ice cream.

Daddy & his daughters.
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And, yes, the girls were dressed in the exact same outfits as you may have noticed. It wasn't all my doing this time. I have pretty much stopped doing that as a rule of thumb. (Well, their cute little 4th of July dresses are the same...). Anyway, I bought Drue some play outfits and when I took Reese to pick out her outfits, she chose the one that matched Drues. It did make it easier to keep track of them that day though. I knew exactly which outfit to scan the crowd for if one of them slipped away. Which miraculously only happened once when Reese headed off accidentally.

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