Thursday, May 07, 2009

Jury Duty: Day 4

Bound to happen. I am starting to talk like a lawyer.

Reese was explaining something to me today that happened at school and why she didn't have music class today.

This was how I responded, "So what you're saying is, your music teacher was on a field trip so that's why there was no music class today?".

And when the girls didn't get to bed on time because they were goofing around in their room I busted in and said, "Isn't it true that your bedtime was 30 minutes ago when in fact you are still up playing around and will now be suffering the consequences of your actions?".

I've decided on a career change this week. I want to be a bailiff. We have the cutest, sweetest, little bailiff. I was shocked that she wasn't a 6 foot tall bald man wearing a blue uniform and carrying a beating stick. She escorts us to and from the courtroom and provides all our snacks throughout the day including a neverending bowl of snickers and life savers.

David makes fun of me because I always want to run out and change job occupations after encountering someone neat like that, or seeing it on a movie. For instance, I wanted to be a hotel maid after seeing Maid in Manhattan. I wanted to be a Coyote bar tender after seeing Coyote Ugly. The list goes on and on.

We heard closing arguments today. Compelling. Dramatic. Very Cool.

The bailiff sat me on a bench outside the court room while she locked up the rest of the jury to begin deliberations. I had just sat back to relax when the judge came out and called me back into the courtroom.

What in the world?

He basically apologized that I had to be the alternate and explained a little about how that worked. He said I could either come in tomorrow, or just be available by phone in case one of the jurors didn't show or got ill. I chose to come back in because (1)if they did end up calling me in, it would take an hour for me to get there since my mom lives 45 minutes away and (2) I wanted to be there to hear the verdict for this trial I spent a week of my life being a part of.

I saw a few folks in handcuffs and striped outfits today at the courthouse and thought, "How sad, what poor life choices they made" which was a bit prejudiced since they hadn't been tried yet. But as I left the courthouse, I saw a happy bride-to-be beaming while her family took her picture on the steps, which was all it took to lighten my mood once again.

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Alice said...

Hello???? So are you going to tell us about the case or leave us in suspense....?????? I mean come on...even the judge said you could talk about it////

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