Friday, March 04, 2011

I Stand Corrected

Our good friends' dog died recently. Tomorrow is the first time we will be going to their house since it happened.

So, I wanted to prepare our kids ahead of time to avoid any awkwardness when we got there. Because I am sure someone would have asked where he was.

I broke the news to each of the kids gently. Tate said "Oh, well what if their girl dog comes alive again?". Referring to their other dog who passed away some time ago.

"Tate...", I explained gently, "That can't happen. Once something dies, it doesn't come alive again."

Reese corrected me and said, "Except Jesus!".


david said...

Amen Sister!!!

Amanda said...

Oh so true, Reese. So sweet that our Kodiak was so loved!

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