Thursday, March 03, 2011

Our Idol Experience

The excitement for American Idol in our household continues. (Well, not with David, but for the rest of us).

We are actually a few episodes behind. We just found out who made it into the top 24 tonight. The girls are getting antsy to vote. Maybe next week.

Drue seriously makes me laugh out loud at some point during every episode. Last night while we were watching it, I asked Drue if she liked a certain contestant.

"No," she said, "She has weird hair."

"Ok, well they're not judging her hair, they're judging her singing silly," I reminded her.

Then she decided, "Well, if I were a judge, I would pick them by who has the best hair, and it would be called A-hair-ican Idol!".

During the episode we watched tonight, it was down to the last two girls for one spot left in the top 24. The girl who got cut didn't take it too gracefully. While the cameras were still on her she decided to give the judges a piece of her mind.

Thankfully the little American Idol emblem blocked her two hands as she made a gesture to the judges.

Drue said, "I know what she just did with her hands."

Shocked and appalled and wondering where in the world she could have possibly learned that, I watched her pull her little hands out from under the blanket and show me...two thumbs down!

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