Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day Recap

I love getting flowers from David. I do. I'm a romantic. I don't want to listen to practical women rant and rave about how that's a waste of money, blah, blah, blah. You're just spoiling it for the rest of us. However, today, for Mother's Day, I didn't get any flowers. I got a bouquet of a different sort. And I LOVE it! David knows me well.


Last week when they were banned from entering the house during my cleaning spree, David took all the kids shopping for Mother's Day. First they trekked over to the card shop. Which, in and of itself, is really commendable. He made a special trip to the card shop, meaning extra buckling and unbuckling of carseats, and the added risk of someone having a meltdown from too many errands, rather than just picking one up at the grocery store or something like that. He let the girls pick out their own cards. At this age, they pick their cards based on the picture that is on the front. They both produced their cards for David's approval to which he had to intercede and say, "Wait a minute....Mommy is not a Great-Grandma" to one, "And she doesn't speak Spanish!" to the other one.

Their next stop was to get my actual gifts. Again, the girls were allowed to pick out their own gifts for me. Evidently, Reese picked out quite a few necklaces, some HUGE earrings, and a shirt that was about 5 sizes too big for me. David ended up taking them to the $1 section of the store. Reese decided on some foil alphabet letter stickers for us to do crafts with. And Drue picked out a very colorful bucket of little refreezeable ice cubes in the shape of fruits.

David did pick out a necklace for me on his own. And it is beautiful! He has really great taste, I must admit. (Although, I sort of had an inkling I was getting one after Drue came running upstairs after their shopping trip exclaiming, "Mommy! We got you a NECKLACE!"....gotta love those 2 year olds).

The girls really wanted to make me something for Mother's Day so my mom got all the stuff for them to make plastic spoons covered with chocolate and peppermints to stir my hot chocolate with. She said Reese crushed up her own mints and everything. One of the dogs ate Drue's creation during her nap, so she had to make another one when she woke up. They also decorated little tea bag holders with crayons.

I thank God for allowing me the privilege of being a Mother to these 3 precious little people. And for blessing me with such a wonderful example to follow in my own Mother.
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Margo said...

You really are one blessed Momma.

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